Legal Aid chief counsel quoted in The Daily Record

Legal Aid Chief Counsel Shawn Boehringer

An article about FreeState Legal Project, a new legal service that provides help to members of the LGBT community, quoted Maryland Legal Aid’s chief counsel about the niche FreeState fills.

Shawn Boehringer, chief counsel at Maryland Legal Aid, said his organization deals with the LGBT community on a regular basis, especially through a federal grant targeting the legal problems of people with HIV/AIDS,” wrote reporter Kristi Tousignant. “It also handles a limited number of employment cases, Boehringer said, but it does not do any name-change work or estate planning for LGBT individuals, like FreeState.

“’There is a niche there they have identified,’ Boehringer said. ‘There is an unmet need there they are addressing through their work that we would probably not address at Legal Aid. . . . To have one group focus on those issues I think is entirely appropriate and needed. To have an organization that focuses on that issue, that puts some life into the protections that community now has.’”

To read the article (behind a pay wall), click here.


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