Landing the legal job: Legal Aid staff attorney interviewed by the BBJ

Emily Jaskot, a Maryland Legal Aid staff attorney in the Long Term Care Assistance Project, was interviewed last month by the Baltimore Business Journal for an article, “Landing the legal job.”

From the article: “Emily Jaskot didn’t care about those six-figure salaries. She always knew that she wanted to work for a nonprofit helping those who might not be able to afford legal representation.

“She jumped right into public-interest law as a student at the University of Maryland School of Law. During school, she was hired as a law clerk at the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau. She never really left, thinking that keeping her face around the building was solid proof she wanted to work there. ‘It’s an organization where I really believe in the mission,’ she said. ‘All the people here are passionate and creative.’

“Jaskot achieved that leadership experience law firms seek by becoming president of the Maryland Public Interest Law Project, a student-run group that provides grants to students who work in unpaid legal internships.”


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