Proposed $75 million budget cut would devastate legal aid to poor

A congressional proposal to cut $75 million from the Legal Services Corporation’s (LSC) budget would decimate civil legal aid to low-income
Americans at a time when it is most needed by the tens of millions suffering
economic hardship.

The proposed $75 million funding cut would represent a 17-percent reduction from the White House’s Fiscal Year 2011 budget request of $435 million for LSC and a 14-percent decline from LSC’s current funding level, $420 million. The proposed cutback was announced today by the House Appropriations Committee as part of its Continuing Resolution to fund federal agencies and programs through the remainder of Fiscal Year 2011. Maryland Legal Aid is an LSC grantee.

“The Constitution calls for establishing justice in its very first line, even before
mentioning the common defense. Our Pledge of Allegiance proclaims our national commitment to ‘justice for all.’ Hard times test our values, and we cannot sacrifice equal access to justice to any year’s fiscal pressures,” LSC President James J. Sandman said.

To read the press release, click here.


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