People’s Law Library launches redesigned website

The Maryland People’s Law Library today launched its newly redesigned website at The free legal information and self-help website now features expanded, updated and easy-to-find information about legal issues that are on people’s minds, issues such as housing and family law.

“The website helps to explain the law and legal issues in user-friendly terms that are easy to understand,” said Chief Judge Robert M. Bell of the Maryland Court of Appeals.

The People’s Law Library began in 1996, and for the past three years, the website has been managed by the Maryland State Law Library.  More than two million visitors used the People’s Law Library last year.

“The People’s Law Library is a vital resource for all Marylanders,” said retired Court of Appeals Judge Irma S. Raker, chair of the Maryland Access to Justice Commission. “It is the place where so many people turn first for information about legal issues and to find links for legal help. It is critical that we provide information and resources for all, and perhaps especially for the most vulnerable, including low-income Marylanders and those who are representing themselves in our state’s courts.”

“The new design has the user in mind,” said Steve Anderson, director of the Maryland State Law Library. “It’s easier to use and navigate, and the most popular search terms are on the home page. Overall, the website is now both more accessible and more streamlined to help visitors find information and resources quickly.”

Throughout its history, the People’s Law Library has been supported by Maryland’s non-profit legal services providers. Several legal aid programs, public interest attorneys and community advocacy groups have provided information for the website.


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