Planning for incapacity

Planning for Incapacity/A Self-Help Guide, a new publication to help Marylanders navigate the intricacies of advance directives, is hot off the press. The 36-page booklet targeted to seniors brings together a wealth of information, including the attorney general’s forms, how to get forms in six foreign languages, information on alternative forms for free (such as the popular “Five Wishes” advance directive form published by Aging with Dignity), how to get forms for other states, how to get advance directives for mental health treatment, a glossary of terms, and more.

“It’s a valuable tool to outline the considerations and practicalities that people need to weigh in planning for their own incapacity and death,” said Maryland Legal Aid Senior Helpline chief attorney Pete Stokes. The booklet was produced as part of the Helpline’s Administration on Aging grant, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Aging and AARP. Click here to download a PDF version of the booklet (and here for attorney general’s forms, and here for a checklist and wallet card).


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