Legal Aid testifies at Access to Justice Commission event

Legal Aid staffers Jennifer Goldberg and Josie Babcox testified at the Maryland Access to Justice Commission “Listening Event” at the University of Maryland last night, raising issues that our clients and potential clients face in debt collection, landlord/tenant, and employment cases.

“Goldberg emphasized the particular troubles elder clients face when dealing with the court system,” said Katherine Jones, another Legal Aid lawyer. “Both lawyers emphasized the need for people to have representation by lawyers in these cases, and for increased funding to legal service programs to provide such services to more people.Many people from the community, and from legal service providers, testified about the problems people face in domestic violence cases, and in family cases, when going to court.”

Other Legal Aid staff, including executive director Wilhelm Joseph, attended in support of the commission’s efforts to secure justice for all. Several additional “Listening Events” are planned. The schedule and instructions for testifying can be found at  The commission has found the events so helpful that more will be planned than are currently on that schedule, so check back for more information.


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