All the lifestyle that a Legal Aid salary can buy

Supervising attorney Janine Scott

Supervising attorney Janine Scott

Maryland Legal Aid supervising attorney Janine Scott is profiled in today’s Daily Record about her new book, Legal Aid Wealth: Surviving and Thriving on the Salary of a Public Interest Attorney. Scott tells how she lives a full life on a public interest lawyer’s income, including eating dinner out with friends, setting up a retirement fund, traveling, and even buying a house.

“Scott said she has achieved her goals by meticulously charting every bit of money that comes in and goes out,” wrote reporter Caryn Tamber. “She waits for sales on clothing and discount deals on travel, and she would not dream of buying snacks from a vending machine when she could get them in bulk from Target or Wal-Mart for so much less. Before she receives a tax refund or stimulus check, she knows exactly where the money will go.”

To read the article, click here. For more on Scott’s book, click here.


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