Financial success on a public-interest salary

Supervising attorney Janine Scott

Supervising attorney Janine Scott

How can low-paid public interest attorneys–or anyone else, for that matter–weather the current economic crisis? Maryland Legal Aid supervising attorney Janine Scott offers some advice in the spring issue of the Management Information Exchange Journal, starting with the basics: know what you want out of life … and make every dollar count.

“As an attorney who has spent my entire legal career (with the exception of a one-year judicial clerkship) as a public interest attorney … I am living proof that you can not only survive but thrive financially as a public interest attorney during both good and bad economic times,” Scott writes in “Achieving Financial Success as a Public Interest Attorney.”

Scott offers advice on how to open a “fun account” by setting aside money to use for socializing, how to contribute to a retirement account, devising a spending plan, paying off debt and other specifics. Her new book, Legal Aid Wealth: Surviving and Thriving on the Salary of a Public Interest Attorney, will be released this spring.


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