Legal Aid featured in TV news report on proposed LSC increase

sabonisvideo309WUSA-TV (channel 9) in Washington featured Legal Aid in a news report Friday looking at a bill to increase funding to the federal Legal Services Corp. sponsored by Maryland Senators Benjamin Cardin and Barbara Mikulski.

“When the economy tanks, it’s usually the poor who are hardest hit,” said reporter Bruce Leshan. “Shady debt collection, mortgage fraud, even domestic violence are all up. Often these folks can’t afford a lawyer to help them, but Maryland’s U.S. senators have a new plan to help. They’re proposing to nearly double the funding for little-known agency called the Legal Services Corporation.”

Leshan said people kicked out of their homes have been flooding legal aid organizations with pleas for help.

“Our requests for aid have gone up 100 percent in the last four months,” said Legal Aid Acting Chief Counsel Peter Sabonis (above).

Cardin noted that the U.S. “is a country of the rule of law. And if you don’t have an equal opportunity before our courts, then our whole system really suffers.”

To read the article and view the clip, click here.


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