Legal Aid obtains back benefits, saves home from foreclosure

Legal Aid staff attorney Nicole Jassie

Legal Aid staff attorney Nicole Jassie

Baltimore Administrative Law Unit staff attorney Nicole Jassie helped a client get nearly $11,000 in back unemployment benefits as the result of an appeal (which had originally been denied before the client came to Legal Aid). Nicole wrote a legal memo and made an oral argument to the Board of Appeals, resulting in a favorable decision.

“It was really important because my client, as a result of losing her job, was not receiving any unemployment–and not being able to find a new job, was also about to lose her home,” Jassie said. “Unfortunately, because the client had no income and had used up all her savings, she was not eligible for any of these programs assisting with foreclosure.”

After the hearing, the client told Jassie that her house would be foreclosed at the end of January if she didn’t pay the more than $1,000 that was due. “Fortunately, she received her check December 20, 2008 and so she will be able to make it,” Jassie said. “In fact, as a result of the legal victory in the unemployment case, she is now receiving additional payments under the Extended Unemployment Compensation program for an additional 20 weeks.”


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