Maryland Independent profiles Southern Md. office

Maryland Legal Aid’s Southern Maryland office (Hughesville) was profiled in the Maryland Independent newspaper of Charles County in a story about Charles Weeks, a Nanjemoy man severely injured in a car accident three years ago and burdened with medical bills. After losing a court fight with a collection agency, he went to Legal Aid, which took his case.

“That’s when Jake Ouslander [above] entered the picture,” the article said. “Jake Ouslander is a young attorney, relatively fresh out of law school. At the University of Michigan School of Law, he worked extensively with the school’s clinical law program and found he had an interest in helping those who are unable to navigate the judicial system and advocate for themselves. Weeks’ was one of his first cases. The first thing he did was to review all of the materials connected with the case and the audio tapes of the district court hearing. He believed that there was basis for appeal and he agreed to take the case.

“He submitted a brief to the circuit court and to opposing counsel and requested an oral argument. A few weeks after the oral argument, the decision came down from the higher court: the lower court’s ruling had been reversed. Unless something unforeseen occurs, that’s one less thing Weeks has to worry about. He can begin to ponder his future.”


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