Still waiting for action on welfare reform

Legal Aid assistant director of advocacy Peter Sabonis had a letter published in Saturday’s Baltimore Sun responding to an op-ed on welfare reform. “In the early 1990s, President Bill Clinton set forth four principles of welfare reform: make work pay a living wage, provide child support, put time limits on public assistance, and provide public jobs to those who cannot find work,” Sabonis wrote. “Only one of those, time-limited assistance, found political  favor. We still await action on the other three.”


One response to “Still waiting for action on welfare reform

  1. The promise of “welfare reform” was hollow from the beginning. And, no surprise, living wages and child support, twelve years later, still haven’t happened.

    Back in the early 00’s, as the first of the five-year benefit limits were expiring, there were a handful of horror stories in the press of Americans who faced homelessness and lives of poverty with no resources.

    But there are so many horror stories now that the repercussions of “welfare reform” seem to no longer rate much ink.

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