Legal Aid reaches out to Cecil Co. homeless

Legal Aid’s Northeastern Maryland office (in Bel Air, covering Harford and Cecil counties) conducted the first of what will be monthly outreach and intake sessions at an Elkton soup kitchen. “We had a good response,” said staff attorney Sarah Bowes, who noted that about 100 low-income people were at the lunch, offered every Friday. “There’s obviously a need,” Sarah reported. “A crowd gathered around us and we got a lot of questions on Social Security, housing, employment law and even a criminal question, which we referred to the public defender.”

When doing intakes, some people gave their addresses as “under the bridge” or “in the woods.” “It’s a rural area, so a lot of people who are homeless are sleeping in the woods,” Sarah said. “We did a lot of advising and our goal was to let people know we’re a resource. The lady who runs the kitchen was very excited we were there–she said, ‘You had quite a crowd there’–and asked us to come back.”


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